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Your medical advice is more than a service. We know that you truly care for us. Thank you for your friendship.
- The Berglund Family

I’ve enjoyed the time and adjustments provided and the knowledge from attending regular adjustments. I feel better and always consult Dr. Micaire when I get injured before I even see my Medical Doctor. I’m an overall better person because of Dr. Micaire’s help...physically & mentally.
- Jorge C.

Thanks for all your support! You even helped me get back into Hula! My body really enjoys chiropractic care and so do I!
- Angel G.


The kids love coming to get adjusted! They race each other to the table when they arrive in the office and always leave smiling. Since starting chiropractic care my youngest gets sick less often and my oldest asks to come get adjusted when he feels a cold coming on…and wow…does it work!
- Patient

Dr. Micaire has taken such good spinal care of my whole family, including my youngest son who had obvious benefits from his adjustments. I would HIGHLY recommend Dr. Micaire to anyone who is looking for a holistic approach to chiropractic care. Not only did she preform adjustments but she also took the time to discuss alternative approaches to my overall "health" care.....

- Talia

Testimonials of patients of Global Health Chiropractic in Honolulu Thank you SO much for helping us! Samson and Mycah are both doing GREAT!! It amazes me that other parents don't get their kids adjusted. They make the time for and pay for their kids to be in sports, see the dentist, trainers, etc and yet they claim they don't have the time or money for chiropractic care. I am fully confident that chiropractic is what KEEPS us healthy (no colds, flu, allergies, etc) and happy!! Thank you very much!
- Barbara, Samson, and Mycah Sturm

My 3 year old son has behavioral problems and significant food allergies that often make it difficult to keep him under control. The calmest I ever see him is when he is getting adjusted. When Dr. Micaire is working on him he totally turns off and a sense of calm comes over him after his treatment. The way it was explained to me totally makes sense…the adjustment helps take stress off his nervous system so his body can heal and regulate like it’s supposed to. Since I choose not to medicate my child, chiropractic has been such a great alternative to keeping my son healthy and behaving better!
- T. Sullivan

I love Dr. Padrutt! She has been helping my back through my pregnancy and I love our sessions. They also do baby chiropractic so I will definitely be back after baby is born. The staff is super friendly and its such a convenient
location. - Maya

Dr. Sarah is amazing! My wife started coming here and I’m sold. She has very strong hands and helps relieve all my crookedness. They also take insurance, so its been great to get visits covered. Definitely recommend for anyone looking to better their bodies! - Roger


I have noticed that I’m not bothered by my, what used to be, everyday allergies. I used to get sick easily but I have not since I started care here.
- Ciara Cappo

I have children all 6 years apart and I am able to come home from work and talk with my children, play softball with my daughter and keep up with my two year old and still have enough energy for myself and my other half all thanks to chiropractic!
In addition, my 2 year old used to suffer from chronic cold (at least one a month) since she’s been getting adjusted she gets sick MUCH less frequently.
- Janelle K.

I’ve got so much less sinus issues since getting my neck adjusted! It’s really working great for me!
- Matt F.

Before chiropractic, I would feel under the weather multiple times a month. Now I hardly ever feel AND I have a lot more energy!
- Ashley C.


I noticed that I don’t have the low back ache that I would normally get. I also pay attention to what my back tells me and try to watch my posture.
- Ciarra C.

I’m feeling ‘taller’ due to improvement in posture, easier to go through the day feeling less stress.
- Sarah B.

My balance when walking is much more even. Overall range of motion has increased.
- Joe A.

My back used to hurt every day because I stand at work for 8 hours a day. My Medical Doctor took x-rays but didn’t have a solution. I tried chiropractic care and after my second adjustment I made it though a whole day of work with NO BACK PAIN!
- Patient

"Working on the computer throughout the day, I have problems with stiff shoulders, forward head posture and even pinched nerves, but Dr. Micaire has been able to address those problems positively. I can feel the difference in myself and it feels good to notice the positive changes in the way I walk, sit and carry myself. Dr. Micaire has been absolutely wonderful to know and I'm very happy to have her as my chiropractor, thank you!!"
- Naomi Midori

Thank you for showing me how to stretch my lats today. I tried it after working all day and I can really feel the soreness on the right side.. ouch. But in general, I haven't felt lower back pain in ages, I'm just glad you came into my life when you did. Maybe some things do happen for a reason... chiropractic really made me pay more attention to my body, no I'm really more "conscious" of how I use my body in the right away...See you in 2 weeks.
- Patient


There has been a significant improvement in my range of motion in my neck and I have so much less neck pain in just 2 weeks! The pain in my left wrist is gone, so less pain everyday is a significant improvement in my overall health!
- Joe A.

Dr. Micaire of Global Health Chiropractic is a wonder. I went for a chronic sore/stiff neck and after 1 visit I already had a drastic improvement in my range of motion. She was able to help more than just adjusting me; she offered exercises to keep me feeling better.
- An impressed practice member

This review is for Dr. Sarah Padrutt, who has recently taken over as the main chiropractor at this clinic. My old chiropractor moved away a few years ago, so I haven't had regular adjustments. I've bounced around a couple offices using Groupon offerings, but didn't have a satisfactory feeling like I used to, so I stopped searching. Fast forward to a few months ago. My neck was killing me and was getting progressively worse. I was preparing to go on a 2 week trip, so I needed something done. I visited Dr. Padrutt a few days before leaving, and the pain went from a constant 8 out of 10 to 0. Nothing. Nada. Throughout my trip, which involved three 5-hour flights (eww), I never once noticed any pain or discomfort in my neck like how I was experiencing just a few days prior. Dr. Sarah Padrutt really helped me out there and I will come back for more!
- Mckay

I have visited many chiropractors in Manoa and the Honolulu area. Dr. Sarah is by far the best. She was able to adjust my spine in locations where five other chiropractors could not. Her adjustments are very gentle and focused. She can adjust all parts of the neck without jerking the neck with uncomfortable sensations where your neck meets the skull. She also works with the Veterans Administration so I can go see her whenever needed. Her staff is very kind and competent. Dr. Sarah is by far the best I’ve experienced on the island. After many years of trying to find a good chiropractor on the island, my search is over. Highly recommended!!! - Ken


Dr. Micaire is wonderful! I have chronic aches and pains and I always feel better and more refreshed after leaving her office. She is very compassionate and skilled at what she does. I appreciate the scans she does with the computer that can gage where you are at and your progress along the way. I highly recommend Dr. Micaire to anyone looking for an excellent chiropractor with your best interest at heart.

- Tarah L.

If you are new to the Chiropractic world, an advocate, or if you've had a negative experience in the past.... go see Dr. Micaire. She will reaffirm all the positive points of Chiropractic and convince any non-believers. Her approach is comprehensive and she takes into account your current health, past injuries and your future fitness goals. Her adjustments are specific to the issues you are facing and her approach is realistic given your schedule and budget.

I've had some major sports injuries and chronic issues with my back and neck from spending too much time in front of the computer and on airplanes. I hate taking pills and have made an effort to rekindle my athletic self. Visits to Dr. Micaire make me feel energized, limit my recovery time and have helped me become more flexible. I've seen so many positive changes since starting treatment including improved scans and equal weight distribution.Her client base is diverse.. I've seen serious athletes, people of all ages and body types as well as children being treated. The practice is very laid back and she is always understanding when I have to reschedule appointments.

Dr. Micaire genuinely cares about her patients. Chiropractic care can make such a positive impact on your pain and stress level, fitness capabilities and overall health.
- Jen J.


I've been seeing Dr. Micaire for a few years now, and she never ceases to amaze me with her understanding of her patient's needs & what's wrong. It's like she has radar for problem areas. I went in earlier this week with my jaw so tight & painful from TMJ & stress that eating & talking were difficult. She was able to relieve the muscle tension, re-align my jar and give me some tips on how to keep it feeling better at home. If you have unexplained earaches and jaw tension, I highly recommend that you see Dr. Micaire and get things back to the way they should be!
- Debra H.


My daily activities and routine that would normally make me tired don’t seem to exhaust me as much. I stay up really late now!
- Ciara Cappo

I have a feeling of better circulation throughout my body, giving me a more youthful feeling.
- Joe A.

Since beginning chiropractic care I’ve got more energy when performing everyday tasks AND less lower back, neck and shoulder pain. Typically I am exhausted by mid afternoon, but I now am able to make it through the day without feeling extremely lethargic. I now have a better ability to adapt to stress- which had benefited much of my overall health and well being.
- Amelia N.

Wow! I don’t seem to be as tired and wanting to take a nap all the time since beginning chiropractic care.
- Matt F.

I feel like my level of tiredness had decreased dramatically. I don’t feel sore throughout my body!
- Ashley C.

Wow, I’m not as tired or stressed out! I sleep better at night since I’ve been coming to Global Health Chiropractic!
–Angel G.

I’m waking up in the morning and not feeling tired. Now, I’m able to workout and not feel so lazy!
- Amanda T.


I’ve noticed greatly increased energy and less lethargy during the day! But my biggest success is less headaches!! Woo-Hoo!
- Sarah N.

In the last three months, I’ve gotten rid of my constant headaches through chiropractic care. I’ve also realized that if I don’t take care of myself, I won’t be able to take care of my family and that’s what matters most to me.
- Angel G.


I feel so much better since beginning my chiropractic care program. My physical training program has benefitted from my regular adjustments. I have much less neck and back pain and stiffness
-Jorge C.

I’ve got so much more range of motion in my neck and back. It has really helped in my physical activities that I do daily in my military career!
- Ben L.

I just returned from downrange and I received your email & wanted to write back! I appreciate all the help you gave me & the wonderful support you and your staff provided me. I really hope I get to return to the island. If I do, I would love to be a practice member at your wonderful office again.
- Yours truly, Wallace Layne III


I beat my body up on rather consistent basis. I'm a firefighter, an avid CrossFitter, and very physically active. What I appreciate most about Dr. Micaire is that she understands & supports our need to be physical active, and that chronic issues don't have to be resolved with the most loathed words in the English language for an active person: "Stay off it until it heals." Dr. Micaire also understands that it's not just about fixing something that's wrong, but taking care of our bodies now in a way that prevents problems from arising in the first place. Chiropractic care w/ Dr. Micaire has absolutely helped improve my overall sense of wellness, allows me to maintain my rigorous physical demands I put on my body, and she's a really fun person to chat with during office visits. Best chiropractor on the island, guaranteed.
- James D.


If your looking for an outstanding chiropractor who cares and is interested in your best interest... You just found her. Dr. Micaire is kind and compassionate and her skills as a chiropractor are what sets her apart from the rest. I know, I used to take care of my patients in her office for a brief time until my shop was relocated. So not only did I get treated by her but I had the opportunity to witness her treating other people and observe their responses. Consistent positive responses and feedback every time.She's affordable, reliable, and caring... that's just Dr. Micaire.
- Steven R.

Micaire is Excellent! After not finding success at another local chiropractor's office ( a big guy who could not crack my neck), I went to see Micaire and she completely relieved me. She is very professional and good at what she does. I am extremely picky when it comes to who I work with, and allow to manipulate my body. As an Acupuncturist, I only seek out the best. I really think Micaire is Amazing!
- Amy S.

I have suffered from chronic migraine pain, severe neck tension and pain, as well as horrible menstrual cramps for the past 16 years, until I met Dr. Micaire. She is so much more than just a Chiropractor. Since my FIRST adjustment I have been MIGRAINE FREE!! I was drawn to her clinic because it is open to the whole family, and I noticed that Dr. Baxter has a great relationship with her patients and genuinely cares about their well-being. I was impressed that she uses the most updated technology that provides visible results and monitors progress.

In the past 2 months Dr. Micaire has been able to relieve my neck pain and my menstrual cramps without any medication. She has taught me how to do exercises at home to supplement my care and my quality of life has greatly improved. I can honestly say that her professionalism, proficiency, ethical standards, and true compassion for her patients, is second to none. I absolutely recommend Dr. Micaire as Oahu's best Chiropractor, and know that you will enjoy your experience as I have.
- Tracie F.

Testimonials of patients of Global Health Chiropractic in Honolulu I sure am glad that you're my chiropractor!!! I have suffered with sciatica on and off for years and when it flared up-BAD-in November, you got me back up to ME fast!!! I've also noticed that the typical PMS issues are…GONE!! My husband thinks you're a magician! Thank you for taking the time to teach me the connection between stress and my nerve system and how because I'll always have sources of my stress in my life that in order to be MY best, it makes sense to keep getting adjusted. I feel great!!!
- Barbara

Thank you so much for your EXCELLENT care of our family. We have enjoyed getting to know you. We appreciate how you worked with us financially as well- a definite blessing for us. We will pray God continues to bless your practice as you minister to others.
- Mahalo, The Finches

Thank you for opening my eyes to the world of Chiropractic; you have inspired me to become a great chiropractor like yourself.
- Thank you, Ciara Cappo

I am able to see that my digestive system is operating more efficiently since I started chiropractic care just 3 weeks ago!
- Kaina A.

I had a really bad car accident while I was on the mainland over the summer. I had a lot of pain in my neck and low back which was made so much worse on the plane ride home. Since I’ve been getting adjusted, I’ve been able to regain movement in my neck and back and have a huge reduction in pain! I am also much more active and have less and less pain as I do my normal routine.
- Patient

My 3 year old son has behavioral problems and significant food allergies that often make it difficult to keep him under control. The calmest I ever see him is when he is getting adjusted. When Dr. Micaire is working on him he totally turns off and a sense of calm comes over him after his treatment. The way it was explained to me totally makes sense…the adjustment helps take stress off his nervous system so his body can heal and regulate like it’s supposed to. Since I choose not to medicate my child, chiropractic has been such a great alternative to keeping my son healthy and behaving better!
- T. Sullivan

I feel so much better over all after getting started under chiropractic care. I am able to move better and feel like I hold less stress in my body. My body doesn’t ache anymore and I get so much fewer headaches. I think chiropractic is GREAT!
- Kai P.

Getting adjusted weekly has helped so much! I’m a college cheerleader and my back used to be really tight and hurt all the time…I dreaded going to practice. I definitely feel a huge decrease in the amount of daily pain I experience. I feel like I am on the right track to be pain free! I feel more relaxed and not as tense which keeps me in a great mood!
- Stephanie B.

In just 3 short weeks my headaches, chest pains and tingling in my upper back have gone away! I feel straighter, like I’m not leaning on one side anymore. Best of all I have more energy and don’t feel as sluggish as before.
- Kiana R.

Dr. Sarah spends quality time with her patients. I would highly recommend her to friends and family.
- Keith

I have been going to Global Health Chiropractic for about a month now. My first impression of the staff and business has been great! Dr. Sarah is kind and genuine in her practice. She is personable and the treatment she is providing is working!! I feel comfortable enough to ask her anything and she always provides answers that are helpful to my treatment. The office is located on the 9th floor and has beautiful views. Very convenient location in Kakaako. This would absolutely be my first choice is you are looking for chiropractic services. - Jack

Dr. Sarah is the best! I looked long & hard for a chiropractor when I moved to Honolulu. I was so happy to finally find Dr. Micaire & Dr. Sarah. And special mahalos to Kianna at the front desk. I never have to worry about my next appointment or my insurance coverage. Love you! - Mary